Welsh builders ‘deliberately leave van radios on while working to piss people off’

Welsh builders have admitted for the first time that they deliberately leave their van radios on loudly while they are working to piss people off.

Builders from all over the country especially choose Radio One, which is renowned for churning out piss-poor pop music bollocks.

Buildern Bob ‘Yes He Can’ Fixit told WalesOnCraic:

“I like to arrive on site really early – like 4am or something. The first thing I do is take out my pneumatic drill and drill a hole in the floor. I don’t need a hole there but I like to announce my arrival to the street. Once everyone is wide awake, I then like to put my radio on loudly and leave all my doors open. I like to use Radio One because they’ve always got some jumped-up DJ with his sycophantic arselickers laughing at everything he says. Then they like to play really shit music which really annoys anyone. The best thing of all is that I can’t even hear it because I’m out the back building a wall.”

The Welsh Assembly is to set up a committee to look into the problem. They’ve assigned 400 people to the project, ringfenced £4bn to see it through, and hired another 400 people to do the same thing in the Welsh language.

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