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Roosh V ‘offered a meet-up with some Welsh sheep’ by Welsh farmers

Controversial American ‘pick-up’ artist Roosh V has been offered a meet-up with some Welsh sheep by local farmers after his planned meet-up for sad lads who can’t get laid was cancelled.

The gesture of goodwill comes after the misogynistic stud, who thinks that he’s entitled to any woman he wants, was forced to cancel his latest meeting in Cardiff. Welsh farmers, who said that they felt pity for the man, have offered the services of their sheep.

Farmer Dai Jones told WalesOnCraic:

“The poor lad can’t get his end away enough can he bless him? Bit of a sad life when all you can think about is your cock but some lads are like that aren’t they? We are happy to offer him the services of all our ewes just so that he can feel a bit of power and control for once. Knowing our sheep, it’s likely he’ll get ripped from bollocks to arsehole in any case so it’s a win-win situation all round really.”

The 36-year-old American has published 15 books on how to “pick up women” and posts tips on his website on how to ‘bang’ women.

The events had been planned for London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Shrewsbury.

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