NAMED AND SHAMED: The Cardiff man who put his black wheelie bin out on a non-black-wheelie-bin week

A Cardiff man has gone into hiding after being named and shamed by neighbours for putting his black wheelie bin out on a non-black-wheelie-bin week.

Gerry Fucktard, 23, had not long returned from a 3 week holiday abroad when he put his wheelie bin out. After being confronted by angry neighbours, Gerry was forced into hiding after a social media hate campaign was set up against him. Cardiff Council only collect black bins every other week.

Mr Fucktard told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s not my fault the Council can only manage to get their lazy arses round our houses once a fortnight. I blame the old fucker down the road. She puts her black bin out every week in the hope that it’s the right week. In my jet-lagged state, I saw hers and thought it was black wheelie bin week. I’m now in fear of my life.”

Neighbour Gary Jobsworth said:

“The man’s a monster. Who does he think he is putting his black bin out on a non-black-wheelie-bin week? Scum like him should be locked up for life. I’m glad he’s moved away although I will miss stealing his wife’s knickers from their washing line.”

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