WalesOnCraic Website To Shut Down: Please Read

Dear reader,

Good morning. Royston Butterscotch here, Principal Writer and Editor here at WalesOnCraic.

It is barely eight or nine months since we launched our lovely website and in that time, we have reached well over a million people across the world. I am hoping that we have brought some laughs into your life – that was certainly the aim. The internet is full of far too much misery.

But sadly, WalesOnCraic cannot be any more. I am suffering terribly from writer’s block and have been for the past few weeks. I cannot recreate some of the better stories that we’ve published and as a result, my self-confidence has hit a new low. I literally can’t think of anything else funny to write.

I have therefore decided that WalesOnCraic should quit while we are ahead.

The site will be coming down shortly, followed by our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our Google+ account will remain as there no one ever followed us on there.

I’d like to thank firstly you, the reader, for making our site so popular.

I’d also like to thank the contributors to our site – some of Wales’s finest writing talent has helped out.

And lastly, I’d like to thank myself for working so hard, and showing that, albeit briefly, my star can shine.

Take care of yourself.

Royston Butterscotch

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