Man with manflu goes 12 hours without moaning

A man from Llangollen has endured 12 hours of man-flu without moaning once.

Gerald Snifflychops stayed off work today ‘because he was feeling a little bit bardies’. Twelve hours later, and his wife Sheila has contacted the press to announce that he hasn’t moaned once.

“To be fair, he has been sparko all day long. But even when he got up to have a slash, he didn’t mutter a word. He just mumbled something but went straight back to sleep. I’m not surprised because I drugged him up to the tits. But I’ve never known a man to go a full 12 hours without moaning about something, never mind when he’s got man-flu.”

Doctors have also been impressed with Gerald’s abstinence. Dr Coldfingers told WalesOnCraic:

“Men are usually the worst to moan when they’re ill. We get a lot of women in the surgery moaning about period pains and shit like that but for this to come from a man, we are very impressed. He’ll probably make up for it when he comes round mind so don’t count your pigeons or whatever the saying is.”

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