Wales to reopen Severn Bridge tolls to English holidaymakers from 6th July

Wales is set to reopen the Severn Bridge tolls to English holidaymakers from 6th July.

The Welsh Government has said that the Severn Bridge tolls will be reopening just to piss the English off.

A spokeswoman from the Senedd told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been biding our time, waiting to get some retribution for all the arseholes who came here when we were locked down. We will be getting the lads back to work at the tolls from 6th July, which is when Wales will be reopening to holidaymakers. All proceeds will go towards paying for Mark Drakeford to have a night down Whispers Massage Parlour for all his hard work. Although he has only worked Fridays.”

A new toll charge of £10 will be in place, rising to £30 for those who are planning to bring those shitty caravans into the country.

“We’ll be welcoming our English brethren once again. Apart from that singer guy who called us arseholes.”

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