Senedd calls in Airwolf to take out illegal beach-goers


TV’s famous Airwolf helicopter is to patrol Welsh beaches in order to take out illegal beach-goers.

The Senedd has hired the hi-tech military helicopter to strafe beaches that are populated with covidiots.

A spokesman for the Senedd told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve got a few arseholes down on our beaches and we’re not having it so we’ve hired Airwolf to take them out. Sadly Hawke and Santini are no longer with us so we’re going to have to call in some of the lads who usually drive that police helicopter around at night. We’ve given the Airwolf team specific instructions to strafe any beaches that are populated with covidiots and if they still persist on having their picnics, we have given the order for lethal force. And by that, I mean they’ll blow them up proper good.”

The Senedd will also be looking to extend the hire of Airwolf to keep English tourists out in early July.

“We don’t want them English people coming here, bringing all their viruses and that so we may keep Airwolf on to protect our borders. We’ll see how it goes.”

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