Wales to employ ‘debagging’ strategy against England


Welsh rugby players will employ a tactic known as ‘debagging’ in an attempt to put English players off their game tomorrow.

That’s according to Welsh armchair rugby coach Dai TripleGunt.

Debagging is where one player pulls down another player’s shorts and jockstrap, exposing the other player’s bare buttocks and big hairy bollocks.

From his armchair in Fochriw, he told WalesOnCraic:

“Debagging is a particularly effective strategy to employ because a player can’t run around the field with their bollocks hanging out. My reckoning is that our boys will wait until the English players least expect it – when they’re stood moaning to the referee about a decision that’s gone against them or when they are waiting for Gareth Anscombe to take another penalty. I know Gatland has used this strategy before when he was coach at Wasps so I fully expect him to pull this out of the bag, as it were, on Saturday.”

Welsh fans can expect rousing renditions of the traditional slave song, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, as well as verbal outbursts of ‘Would one simply fuck orf?’ from their English counterparts.

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