Aberthaw Power Station to be re-homed at St Fagan’s Museum


Aberthaw Power Station is to be re-homed at St Fagan’s Museum.

The power plant has been earmarked for closure but enthusiasts say that they want to maintain the heritage of the site.

Site manager Timmy Toenail said:

“They’ve done it before with other historic buildings in Wales and we are delighted to hear that Aberthaw will be the next building to make the move. We’ve got a couple of lads who will be bringing down their Transit vans and a few wheelbarrows and hopefully, they’ll have it there by the end of next week. As you can imagine, it’s quite a bit of work but if they cut out their lunch hours by 15 minutes, I think we’ll be ok.”

A spokesman for St Fagans said:

“We’re not sure where we’re going to put it to be honest. Probably just behind the toilets I expect.”

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