Wales starts 500th week in lockdown


Wales has started another week in lockdown, reaching a milestone moment in its history.

The country first went into lockdown in 1983 and it has sparked fears that people will forget how to interact with each other when restrictions are finally eased.

Bedraggled mother-of-four, Tina Eyebags, told WalesOnCraic:

“My husband had hair when we first went into lockdown. These days, he’s withered away into an old little man and I know I’ll never see the handsome young buck I married again. The kids were also in nursery when lockdown was first announced. They are now married, with kids, although our Darren is divorced because his wife ran off with that man from the bus. You might have seen about it in the papers. I can’t quite believe that we’ve made it to 500 weeks – it feels about 500 years. One day, when this is all over, I’m going to meet with all my friends that I used to get shit-faced with and we’ll all have a coffee and a biscuit down the Joan & Derby Club.”

Wales is expected to be in lockdown for another 5 years. First Minister Mark Drakeford said that the Welsh goverment will review the situation then about easing restrictions.

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