Wales to vaccinate both its scheduled individuals by the end of this week


Wales is hoping to have vaccinated both its scheduled individuals by the end of this week, ministers have said.

The Welsh Assembly Government has said that a slowly-slowly approach will ensure that they will have enough time to hang some pretty pictures up in vaccination stations.

A spokeswoman for the Senedd told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re not rushing this. We tried rushing with the whole independence thing and look where that got us. We will be rolling out our new vaccine programme from the end of this month. It’ll allow us to put up some nice pictures in our new vaccination stations. We’ve got a lovely one of Snowdon on a winter’s morn and another of my favourites is one of a cute little puppy in his bed. We want it to be just right for our patients. We’re going to start with those over the age of 150, as well as the morbidly obese who find that they’re over 300 stone in weight.”

Wales has fallen behind the other counties of the UK in the race to vaccinate the population.

“We’re in no rush” said the spokeswoman. “We’ve got this,” she added whilst pointing to a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ picture on her wall.

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