Wales First member to declare independence for Wales on Wednesday at 2.30pm

With news of Catalonia declaring its independence from Spain, Newport (Pembrokeshire) Wales First member Dai Glyndwr has said he will be declaring Welsh Independence on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Dai Glyndwr, who changed his surname from Jones to Glyndwr, said:

“I was in the Glyndwr Arms having a few pints and my mates said I should change my name from Jones to honour my Welsh roots. So as I was eating pork scratchings, I thought I could not call myself Dai Pork Scratchings, but decided on the name of my favourite pub.

“Anyway, after 15 pints, I was scrolling through the Plaid website and I see that Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has urged the Welsh Assembly to recognise the new state of Catalonia. I thought, this is brilliant and thought now is the time to strike and declare independence for Wales. We need to reject the brutality from the state as Pembrokeshire County Council is proposing to collect the black waste sack every 3 weeks now, instead of every fortnight. This is simply not acceptable and we Welsh must stand up and fight this reactionary decision by those below the Landsker Line. They are doing the work of the English,” said Dai Glyndwr.

“At 2.30pm on Wednesday, I will be declaring Welsh Independence from the Glyndwr Arms, here in Newport. We are the true Newport of Wales. Not that huge shithole near England with a tunnel on the M4. Wales voted for devolution in 1997 and I take that decision as a vote for independence,” said Dai.

WalesOnCraic contacted Lianne Wood to see if she will be joining Dai Glyndwr and if she will become President of an Independent Wales.

Lianne Wood said:

“I congratulate the Catalan people on gaining their independence through peaceful and democratic means. The Catalan people have insisted on a democratic route to achieving independence through the ballot box. They are to be commended for continuing to reject violence even though they have faced brutality from the Spanish State. Plaid Cymru will be calling for the National Assembly for Wales to recognise the Catalan Republic as an independent country.”

Lianne added:

“However, I am getting my hair done at 2.30pm on Wednesday, so I will probably watch the live announcement on ‘Dai News’. But I am interested in becoming President of an Independent Wales.”

WalesOnCraic got back to Dai Glyndwr this morning and he exclusively revealed:

“Did I really say that? Oh shit”.

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