Valleys Oil Reserves Hit All-Time Low Due Thanks To High Rate Of Deep-Fat Frying

Oil reserves in the South Wales Valleys have reached an all-time low – all thanks to a record amount of deep fat frying.

Oil levels have dipped below their previous record lows of 1976. Industry experts point out that it’s no coincidence that deep fat frying is at an all-time high.

Jenny Clunge from Deep Fat Fry Watch told WalesOnCraic:

“They’re deep fat frying anything they can get their hands on – chips, burgers, roast dinners – we even found evidence of one family deep fat frying their dog. It’s no wonder that the Valleys oil reserves have hit rock bottom. I see no way out.”

The Williams family from Maesteg have even dug their own oil well in their garden to supply their deep fat frying needs.

“I went out by there and made a big hole and then I made it a bit more bigger and then a bit more bigger again and then I stuck oil and then I went in and made some chips with it.”

The Welsh Assembly refused to comment. Actually, they didn’t refuse as such. We just never asked them anything.

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