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US and UK to have ‘Double-Date Impeachment’

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The United States and the United Kingdom are to have a ‘double-date’ impeachment in the next few months.

The Live Aid style event will celebrate the special relationship between the two countries.

Envoy to the US, Randy Whitesmile told WalesOnCraic:

“The US and the UK have always have had a special relationship, stretching back over two hundred years when the US kicked the shit out of the British and chucked them out of their country. This double-date impeachment will see our two beloved leaders fighting for their political survival in the way that we’ve done it in the past – shoulder to shoulder. We’ve yet to decide on a date but we look forward to our two blond boys sticking to them.”

Organiser Harry Moonface said:

“It’ll be a bit like Live Aid but it’ll probably be shitter. We won’t have Status Quo, Queen or even Phil Collins on Concorde. We will have a few bevvies and probably a bacon butty stand though.”

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