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Trump to segregate gay people to stop them reproducing

President elect Donald Trump has announced that he will segregate gay people to stop them reproducing when he enters office in January.

Trump’s announcement comes despite most gay people being the offspring of straight parents.

A spokesman for Trump said:

“This is not the dark ages. This is modern day America and we cannot simply have gay people going around reproducing all over the place. Our firm but fair segregation policy will mean that gay men will have to…hang on…let me get this right…yes, that’s right…no, that can’t be right…this great country called America that is so loved by God simply cannot have gay people lording it up and reproducing. It says so in the Bible somewhere. So what we propose is a segregation policy that will…no…I still can’t get my head around this. Can you bear with me a minute please?”

One gay man told WalesOnCraic:

“You want to segregate me so I can spend more time with gay men? If that’s what you’re saying, I say ‘bring it on!'”

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