Welsh government takes Serbia off its Christmas card list

The Welsh Government has taken Serbia off its Christmas card list following their late equaliser with Wales last night.

A spokesman said that there was absolutely no need for Mitrovic’s late goal at the Cardiff City Stadium.

The spokesman said:

“We were doing alright last night and just because Gareth nearly snuck a shot in, that doesn’t mean that you can go up the end and get one in yourself. There was absolutely no need whatsoever to score it. Why couldn’t they just leave us alone and let us have the win? It’s not as if they’re going to qualify themselves is it? It was just pure spite. We called a meeting last night down at the Eli Jenkins and decided that we’d knock them off our Christmas card list. We hope that by our absense of cards on their mantelpiece that they will get the message that we aren’t happy with them. It will also save me going to Tesco, buying a card and walking all the way to the post box.”

One Wales fan said:

“Bloody Serbs. Coming over here and scoring late goals. Who do they think we are?”

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