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This woman’s Ginuary is going very well


A woman from Holywell is celebrating over two weeks of a perfect Ginuary.

Gladys Slckflaps has managed to drink gin for 18 consecutive days since the New Year.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I was up..hang on…have you got my coat? I put it…oh there it is. Are you coming home with us? I’ve got some more back at my house. No. My house. What? Yes. No. 18 days? Yes that’s me. Yes sir! Show my your knickers. I want a kebab. Where can I get a kebab? Would you order me a kebab? They deliver them. None of that salad shit. No. I need some more gin. Have you got my handbag? I left it…oh there it is. Is my purse in there? There’s a tenner in there. It’s in there. Just look. Oh no. You’re right. It’s in my bra.”

Husband Terry said:

“I’m very proud of her keeping this up. If she can get to the end of the month, we’ll be getting that divorce we always wanted.”

Image: Landii

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