Duke of Edinburgh was ‘doing donuts’ in his Land Rover before accident

The Duke of Edinburgh was reportedly doing donuts in his Land Rover, shortly before he was involved in a road traffic accident.

The Duke was uninjured in the accident but he did reportedly swear at the emergency services.

One eye-witness said:

“There was this old geezer who came flying down the road at about 60mph. The next thing we know, he’s slamming on the handbrake and doing donuts all over the shop. He must have done at least 10 of them before he hit a car and went rolling off down the road. We went over to see him and he was fine. Then the ambulance turned up and he started shouting a bit.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Family said:

“This is complete bollocks. The Duke would never do donuts in his Land Rover. He only does them in his Jag.”

Image: Northern Ireland Office

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