Tesco suspends Trump’s Clubcard account

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Retail giant Tesco has permanently suspended Donald Trump’s Clubcard account, after fears that he may use his vouchers in UK restaurants.

It is rumoured that MI6 recommended that his account was closed down after recieved alleged intel that he was looking to spend £7 worth of vouchers in a Hungry Horse restaurant in Scotland at the end of January.

A spokesman for Tesco said:

“We’ve been looking at his account for four years now and we’ve been increasingly worried about his account. He’s been spending his Clubcard vouchers on all kinds of things, such as a day out at Chessington and meals at Bella Italia. We had a phone call last night which told us that Trump was planning to use his vouchers in a Hungry Horse restaurant in Scotland towards the end of the month. Like everyone else in the world, we don’t want that trouble maker coming to our shores so we’ve closed his account and restricted access to his £7 vouchers.”

The news comes as Trump’s Twitter account was also permanently suspended, along with his Nandas Card and his membership of Blockbuster video.

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