Stout people ‘moist’ to hear about late night Greggs


Stout people across the UK are reportedly moist at the announcement of late-night opening hours at some Greggs stores.

Fans of the store are already planning Steak Bake and Flake Fancy nights in.

Fan Sheila Largecalves told WalesOnCraic:

“This will save me stocking up in the day and then having to microwave them for my tea, which is what I currently do. It means that I can serve the kids sausage rolls and custard slices every night which will save me cooking which is great because I don’t know how to. I am very excited, in fact, I’m moist at hearing the news of the late-night opening hours. It also means that I can send Darren down there in the evenings if I’m watching Emmerdale and fancy something nice to eat. I used to like their cheese savoury rolls but I’ve gone off them a little bit as they don’t put as much cheese in as they used to.”

Greggs made the announcement of their late-night plans earlier today.

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