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No Deal Brexit could threaten price of Freddos

A report recently published by a Brexit think-tank has highlighted the effects of a No-Deal Brexit, including the threat of the price of Freddo bars.

The ‘What Happens If Boris Goes With No Deal Report’ suggested that the price of Freddos bars could increase by as much as 300%.

Benny Bigknob, who published the report said:

“Freddo bars are a real barometer of what’s happening in the world economy and the fact that we’re even mentioning them again is an indicator of how much of a shitshow that the UK has turned into. A few years ago, we were all bumbling along, minding our own business and not even questioning the price of a Freddo. Now we’re looking at the reality of a price increase, something we never thought we’d have to contemplate. We have advised the Government in Westminster about this and they have said that they will look at preparing for a Freddo bar price increase. Children and adults all over the UK are at risk.”

The Welsh Government has also set aside £3bn to look into the effect of a No Deal on the price of Freddos. They are expected to cancel the inquiry just before they publish the findings.

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