New Cardiff Bus Station to get authentic smells of ‘hot bins and stale urine’

Cardiff’s newly announced bus station is to come complete with aromas of hot bins and stale urine.

Bosses say that the new smells will be a nod back to the previous bus station that served the city from the 1950s until 2008.

A spokeswoman for Busses of Wales said:

“We’ve spoken to the people of Cardiff and they’ve told us that they’ve really missed the old bus station, along with its unique sights, sounds and smells. We’ll be installing new aroma pods, which will puff lovely smells of hot bins and stale urine at regular intervals. We are also going to hire some drunk people to go around asking waiting passengers where they can get a bus to Barry from. As well as welcoming visitors to our city, we can’t neglect the people of the city that use the station on a daily basis. The new smells will make them feel like they are back at the old station.”

One passenger told WalesOnCraic:

“I loves the old bus station. In my dreams, it’s still there. I loved going and buying a packet of crisps from the little kiosk before getting my bus home. The new smells of hot bins and stale urine will make me feel right at home.”

Image: Stacey Harris

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