Severn Bridge free to those who bare their arse at the toll booths

Toll charges at the Severn Bridge are to be free to those who bare their arses at the toll booths.

The new exemption will begin in January 2018 when motorists can start displaying their buttocks in exchange for a free passage into Wales.

Head of Severn Bridge Tolls Brian Bollard told WalesOnCraic:

“Tolls at the bridge have been increasing year on year and we thought it would be nice to start giving free passage into Wales as it were. All motorists need to do is get their arse out at the toll booth. Cameras will be installed to take pictures of the arses so that we can build a database of them. Our Arse Detection software will be able to pick out regular motorists so that they can pass through with ease.”

Motorist Tammy BigTooth said:

“My arse is so big, I’m not sure the camera will be able to get it all in. I’m hoping that they have a wide lens or I’ll to pay the friggin’ toll.”

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