Senedd seeks to stop super-spreader Santa


The Welsh government has told Santa Claus to stay at home and isolate this Christmas as he is considered a ‘super-spreader’.

Government officials have warned that the fat break-in-and-enterer could potentially spread Covid19 quicker than a Stereophonics concert.

A spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“We have had several warnings from our epidemiology specialists who have advised that we put a stop to this nonsense of one fat man breaking into people’s houses and putting people at risk. Santa should know the rules here in Wales full well so we expect him to comply with all of our lockdown rules. If he doesn’t, we’ll unleash the full fury of the Valley Commandos to protect us from this Scandinavian scamp.”

Santa commented on his potential ban.

“I’m not concerned to be honest. I leave it to all the parents to do in any case – I just lap up all the credit. I’m far more impressed by the illiteration in the heading of your story more than anything.”

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