Sad tw@ts told to ‘get a life’ by retail workers

Retail workers across the UK have told the sad tw@ts who camped outside their stores all night to ‘get a life’.

Several thousand people camped outside stores overnight to buy up the sh*t that shops have been unable to sell all year.

One retail worker told WalesOnCraic:

“I was still out getting pissed at 3am and I walked past them all huddled up in the cold outside my shop as I headed home. I came back a few hours later to start my shift and they were still there. My manager told me to get out all the crap that we haven’t been able to sell and stick some ‘Sale’ stickers on them. Once we opened the doors, these tw@ats came running in and snapped it all up. We’ve made a tidy profit and they’ve got a load of crap that they don’t need.”

One shopper said:

“I’ve been waiting outside Next since 1am. I dashed in and bought to settees that I don’t need and that I can’t fit in my house. They arrive on Friday. I’m so excited but the family won’t be able to eat until next month now as I’ve spent all the family budget.”

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