Woman makes list of lies about making lifestyle changes in New Year

A Treorchy woman has made a list of lies about making positive lifestyle changes in the New Year.

Mother-of-four Fran Tastic has called the list her ‘New Year Resolutions’ and expects the list to last no more than 7 hours.

Fran told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve put on about 3 stone over Christmas so come the New Year, I’ll be joining the gym and losing weight. I’ll also make more time for my friends, get less stressed, stop smoking, get a new job, pay off all my debt, eat healthy food, volunteer for local charities, enjoy life, drink less, travel more, help others and put my bins out on time. Actually, the more I look at that, the more I’d like to reassess it. Maybe if I do one thing a week, it won’t be so overwhelming. Maybe one a month – what do you think?”

Husband Ben said:

“She does the same thing every year. She did it last year and she’s still exactly the same. It’s all lies I tell ya.”

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