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Ryanair to charge passengers surcharge if they require pilots on their flights

Beleaguered Irish airline Ryanair is to charge passengers if they require pilots on their flights.

Passengers can be charged an extra £15 if they require a pilot one way, or £30 for a return flight.

A spokesman for Ryanair told WalesOnCraic:

“Haven’t got a fecking clue what’s going on to be honest widgeya. There’s all kinds of shite going on and I’ve not been told what’s going on. All I’ve been told to tell you is that passengers will be now be required to pay a surcharge if they require pilots to fly their planes. This will be on top of the £400 baggage allowance charge and the £500 extra legroom charge that has been applied to most flights since last year. This surcharge is entirely optional but should passengers choose not to take it, their flights will remain on the ground at airports. To be honest widgeya, I’d probably take the boat instead.”

Passengers have not been too happy about the surcharge. One passenger said that he was going to kick off.

“I’m going to kick off,” he said.

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