Rookie gym user flees gym in embarrassment after placing water bottle in Pringles holder

A rookie gym user has fled a gym in embarrassment after placing a bottle of water in the Pringles holder.

The mystery flab-fighter was last spotted running across the car park of Fatty’s Fitness Emporium and jumping into her Nissan Micra.

Gym manager Gordon WonderGunt told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve seen all sorts of weirdos in this place over the years and when this one first joined, I actually thought she’d be one of the normal ones. Just goes to show that you have to watch the quiet ones. We went through the induction together and I let her loose on the treadmill, only to find her putting a bottle of water into the Pringles holder. I couldn’t contain my laughter and within seconds, the whole gym was rolling around in fits of giggles. The poor girl went bright red and simply ran out of the building. We haven’t seen or heard of her since.”

The girl hopped into her Nissan Micra and fled westwards.

Do you know the identity of the mystery gym-goer? Drop us a line if you do and we’ll pay you £2.87 in luncheon vouchers.

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