Prince Andrew to officially open Trebanog Pizza Express


Prince Andrew will be the guest of honour when he cuts the ribbon at Trebanog’s Pizza Express next month.

The new branch will be the first to sell alibis alongside its usual range of pizzas as garlic breads.

A spokeswoman for Pizza Express told WalesOnCraic:

“We are delighted to hear that Prince Andrew is coming to open our new branch. It’s not very often that we have major celebrities around these parts; in fact, I think the last person we had of any note up this way was Jimmy Saville when he came to open that YMCA that time. We are excited to announce that our outlet will be selling a new range of alibis off of our ‘Money Can Buy Anything’ menu. We’ll have to get the posh cups out for Andrew when he comes. I think I’ve still got a Charles and Diana one somewhere. I’m sure he’d laugh his head off seeing a younger picture of his brother on his teacup. I might have to order in some Jammy Dodgers too.”

Local parents have received letters, making them aware of Prince Andrew’s impending visit.

“I think we’ll be out down the local Asda that day,” said one resident.

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