NASA to buy up old Welsh trains

After hearing Welsh train engineers had sent their reusable tubes in mileage terms to the moon and back some 8 times, over a period of some 40 years, NASA wishes to buy the technology; and for some lucky engineering staff a chance to follow their reusable craft to the USA.

NASA told WalesOnCraic that harnessing this technology will path the way for a mission to Mars. Transport for Wales (TfW), praised the efforts of their staff, on keeping converted buses moving on Welsh tracks over such a long period of time. They also said that the money raised by the sale, would be good for customers, as it will be invested in new rolling stock, and not disappear into TfW profits.

The Welsh Government in a statement said that it is proud of what has been achieved by a load of old converted buses over the years; however they threw caution on such an opportunity to invest in new trains. A Welsh Government spokesman said:

“It is concerned that buying new trains will improve punctuality, capacity and comfort for passengers. The knock on effect of these improvements would be, to encourage more people to use public transport, which would then require even more investment. Better not to do it, than do it, and have to do it again.”

Talks will continue between NASA, TfW, and the Welsh Government, and maybe we will see a 40-year-old converted bus heading to Mars in the near future.

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