Couple fake marriage proposal in restaurant to get free dessert

A couple from Tonyrefail have faked a marriage proposal in a Cardiff restaurant in order to get themselves free dessert.

Chris and Chris faked the proposal after realising that they didn’t have enough money on them for a sticky toffee pudding.

One Chris told WalesOnCraic:

“It was a bit night out for us going into Cardiff. The journey into the city cost us an arm and a leg but I’d promised Chris a big night out as I was hoping to get my leg over. We ended up in this very swanky restaurant and stupidly, Chris went and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. I was hoping she’d say not to bother and to go up Chippy Alley instead. After having an affair with another woman last week, I’d promised Chris that there would be no more lies so when she asked if we had enough for dessert, I had to come clean and say that I didn’t. She then came up with this wonderful idea of faking a marriage proposal. It worked a treat and we were offered a free one right there on the spot.”

The couple are planning to pull off the stunt when they go out for a meal next week too.

“There are plenty of places that don’t know who we are so we’re going to milk this for all we can,” added Chris (the other one).

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