People in local park comment on how many people are in local park

People at a local park have expressed their feelings about how many people are in the local park.

Several people mentioned that there were too many people in the local park, and that some of them were being social distancing arseholes.

One lady, who didn’t want to be quoted, said:

“There are far too many people in this park. I don’t know what people are thinking. In Wales, the message is clear – stay at home! The worst part about it is that people don’t give a shit about how close they get. I had one man on an electric scooter last night who passed so close that I could smell his Lynx deodorant. People should be staying at home. I blame Boris myself. He doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and we’re getting all sorts of messages thrown at us. Anyway. I’m off now to the shops to moan about how many people are at the shops.”

Several parks across Wales have been full to capacity of social distancing arseholes.

One policeman said:

“Darwin would be proud to see them all.”


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