OAP pays for weekly shopping with exact change

An OAP from Ferndale has paid for her weekly shopping with exact change.

Ethel LeatherArse paid £76.54 in 10 pence, 2 pence and one pence coins.

Till worker Wendy Shufflegunt told WalesOnCraic:

“Every week she comes in to do her weekly shop. And every week, she insists on paying in exact change. Her purse was bulging and it took me 45 to count out all the coins. It then took her a further 15 minutes to pack all her shopping into her bags. The queue behind her was out the door and down the street. Thankfully now, we are able to offer future customers change from a £20 note if they need it. This isn’t something new. Ethel does this every week and we always pull straws to see who’s going to be on the till when she comes in.”

Ethel said:

“I likes to pay the exact money so that I don’t have to go carrying heavy change around with me.”

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