Children take sweets from strangers after being told not to for rest of year

Children across Wales will be taking sweets from strangers tonight after being told not to for the rest of the year.

Kids will be seen knocking on strangers doors, threatening them with eggs and flour and asking for free stuff.

Mum-of-four Jenny Slackflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m very strict with the kids all year round. Every day before they leave for school, I tell them not to take sweets from strangers. I’m struggling to be able to tell them to do that today as I’ve promised them that we’ll be doing that exact thing later on tonight. I’m so excited. I like getting my massive pumpkins out in the window for all the neighbours to see and then later on, my friend Peter is coming around to take some apples out of my bucket with his teeth. I’m sending the kids around the streets to threaten my neighbours and asking them for free stuff. We usually get a shitload of sweets for free which is nice because I take it off the kids and stuff my face with it when I’m watching Strictly.”

Halloween is traditionally an American pastime where people dress up as any old shit.

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