Noel Edmonds on standby as No Deal looking more likely

TV celebrity Noel Edmonds has been put on standby after the chances of a No Deal looked more likely.

Edmonds said that he’s ready to come in and sort the situation out with The Banker, should talks break down.

A spokesman for the bearded presenter told WalesOnCraic:

“No idea what he’s been put on standby for. This is obviously some shitty attempt at a news story based around the fact that he used to host a show called Deal or No Deal. As long as my client is rewarded financially for this, I have no problem but if he’s somehow expected to sort out this shitstorm on his own, based on his glorious TV past, then I’m afraid, some people will be disappointed.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently trying to erm…actually…we’re not sure what he’s actually doing. Apart from trying to cover up his many affairs with blondes.

The UK is due to leave the EU on December 31st, whether Noel Edmonds is present or not.

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