Welsh rugby winger caught dogging sues Google

A Welsh rugby player has claimed legal support in an attempt to take Google to court.

Dan Wigglebottom claims that he used the popular search engine to find suitable ‘dodging sports’ so that he could practice his rugby skills close to his home in Ammanford. However, the local police saw things differently and arrested Dan for attempting to take part in a dogging session.

Wigglebottom has defended himself:

“I’m not the best winger in my rugby club so I typed ‘dodging sports in West Wales’ into Google and went with the first result. It was a bit late when I turned up and the thoughtful people had used their headlights to make it easier to see. I noticed one car seemed to have a problem and the lights were flashing so I went over to check. Next thing I know I’m being cuffed.”

Arresting officer PC Gerald Pimpleskin told the assembled press:

“We don’t believe a word of what Mr Wigglebottom has claimed. We checked his Google history and he actually typed ‘dogging spots in West Wales’. We are familiar with the venue as a few of the lads use it on Friday nights.”

“Seems like autocorrect or fat fingers won’t be enough of an excuse for Dan,” said his mum Glenda.

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