New prosecco drive-thru opens in Cardiff

A new drive-thru for prosecco drinkers has opened in Cardiff.

ShitFaced4U opened its doors yesterday but had to close after several hours as stocks had sold out.

Manager Glenys WideArse told WalesOnCraic:

“We weren’t expecting this type of interest in a drive-thru like ours. We thought we might get the odd customer through but we’ve had shitloads of mothers who are struggling to keep their kids entertained over the summer holidays in. We’ve also had a few businesswomen in who’ve gone straight for the hardcore stuff and sat sozzled in the car park. A few of them have fallen asleep and spent the night in their cars.”

One prosecco drinker told WalesOnCraic:

“I got my mate to drive me down there last night. I intend to get so shit-faced that I will wake up in early September when the kids have gone to school.”

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