New Cardiff taxi service bans passengers from asking ‘Busy night?’

A new taxi firm in Cardiff has banned its passengers from asking whether the driver has had a busy night.

GetYourArseInHereCabs launched their news service last night. But drivers have been told not to interact with passengers in case they ask the dreaded question.

Driver Gary FlatArse told WalesOnCraic:

“Mate, I gets it all the friggin’ time. Busy night? What time you finishing tonight then? It’s the same old shit mate. If I’m going to speak to my passengers, I’d like an engaging conversation based on the latest topical news, innit? I have little cards with my answers on so when people ask me, I can just hold them up and not speak to them.”

The firm’s boss and driver, Andy Grubber said:

“Passengers have been asked to keep quiet during journeys to avoid annoying our drivers. Where you going anyway mate? Splott? I’m not taking you there sorry. It’s not far away enough.”

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