Neil Warnock to start new role in Trago Mills

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has left his role at the club and is to start a new role at Trago Mills.

Warnock will start a sales assistant role next year when his contract expires.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“Neil is getting on a bit now and wants a job that he doesn’t take home every night. We’ve set him up with a job at Trago Mills working the tills. He’ll have a week’s training to get him started and we’ll ease him in gently during the summer months. He’s given a lot to the game over the years and all he wants to do is come home on a Friday night and head down the pub with his butties.”

A spokesman for Trago Mills said:

“We look forward to Neil starting at our gaff. We’ll get him a nice shirt and tie and we’ll show him the ropes. We’ll have to make sure that some of the lads don’t keep asking him about football because that’s boring both for us and Neil.”

Warnock was appointed in October 2016 and lost his latest game against Bristol City.

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