Neath Man Admitted To Hospital With Masterchef Withdrawal Syndrome

A Neath man has been admitted to hospital after suffering from Masterchef Withdrawal Syndrome.

Gary ArseClench was taken to Morriston Hospital after complaining of not being able to say ‘That looks tasty’ or ‘What the eff is that?’.

From his hospital bed, he told WalesOnCraic:

“I loved watching Masterchef and I cried after the final. I really thought that I’d be able to handle things this week but as soon as 8.30 came round, I was trembling and a little bit of wee came out. I missed Greg’s shiny head and Jon’s wide mouth so much and then I collapsed. My wife called an ambulance and I can’t remember anything much after that.”

His wife Wendy said:

“The daft twat seems to have forgotten that I bought his the entire box set last year. He could be watching it right now but oh no – he has to fall over and get himself into hospital. I’m going to sell him. Do you want him? Only a fiver.”

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