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Mums Pack Apples In Kids’ Lunchboxes ‘To Get Them Out The House For a Few Hours’

Welsh parents are putting apples in their children’s lunchboxes so that they can get out of the house for a few hours.

The trend has been dubbed ‘Applegate’ by some dinner ladies, who have resigned themselves to babysitting the apples while the kids eat chips.

Mother-of-four, Betty SlackFlaps told WalesOnCraic:

“I spend loads of money on apples in Kwik Save each week. It’s nice that they get to have some time of the house every day and I always look forward to seeing them safely back home again after school. It saves me the very real bother of having to look after the fruit during the day time when I am busy with the other chores like tidying up after my twat of a husband.”

Other fruit have also been spotted lurking in kids’ lunchboxes. Oranges, bananas and even a slice of melon have all been clocked having a day out at school. Dinner lady Sandra Waddle said:

“It’s nice to see apples in kids lunchboxes. If I was an apple, I’d hate to be stuck in the house all day. It just goes to show how kind children really are.”

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