Millions wake and can’t figure out what time it is

Millions of people across Wales are today waking up and looking at their phones wondering if they have automatically adjusted their clocks backwards an hour.

British Summer Time traditionally ended at 2am this morning, and meaning that clocks were put back by a whole hour.

“I’ve got no fricking idea what time it is,” said Gordon Grumble, a shift worker from Llandudno. “I knocked off work at 2am but by the time I got in the car, it was 1am again so I had to go back in. What happened there? I’m not Dr Fricking Who.”

Mothers across Wales are also cursing the change of time. Mum-of-five Gail FloppyBelly said:

“I sent the little bastards to bed early last night hoping to get a dirty shag in at some point but now they’re going to be up a whole hour earlier because 7am is now 6am. I can’t win.”

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