Man arrives home from supermarket to find he already has 1253 tins of tomatoes

A man has bought his 1254th tin of tomatoes after forgetting whether he had any at home.

William Dupper said he bought another tin just in case, but was surprised to find that he already had 1253 tins in his cupboard.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t remember if I’d bought any last time, or whether I’d used it for a fry up that I made for my hungover missis. She got shit-faced on the weekend so I thought I’d make her a nice English breakfast in bed. She wolfed it down but then threw it back up again all over the bed. I went shopping yesterday and I should have checked to see if I already had tinned tomatoes because I was wanting to make a chilli. I bought a tin, just in case I didn’t have any but when I got home, I found that I already had over a thousand tins there. I’m not sure where to put this new tin. I’m going to have to start storing them in the spare room.”

Wife Mary said:

“All he had to do was check before he left for the shop. He does this every time. He always comes homes with tinned tomatoes and I’m going to have to ask my teenage son to move out so that we can have room to store all these tins.”

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