Milk and bread stripped from shelves after warning of typical weather for this time of year

Shoppers across Wales have stripped shops of milk and bread after weather forecasters predicted cold weather in the next few days.

The cold weather is entirely in keeping with this time of year but that hasn’t stopped shoppers stocking up in case they get snowed in.

One shopper told WalesOnCraic:

“IT’S 4 DEGREES! Do you know how cold that is? I went outside this morning, did a burp, and I saw it rise up in front of my face as a big cloud of steam. Do you realise that that only happens when it’s 4 degrees? The weatherwoman came on telly last night and said that it’s going to get even colder! I went straight down Kwik Save and bought all the bread and milk I could buy. What would happen if it went down to 2 or 1 degrees and the shops had to shut? I wouldn’t be able to have tea and toast! No way. I’m making sure that I’m all sorted thank you very much.”

One shop manager said:

“People were climbing all over the delivery lorry. I says to my workers just to let them get on with it. I’ve got better things to do like watch people on telly eating kangaroo bollocks.”

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