Met Office issues Red Wheelie Bin Warning ahead of Storm Eunice

The Met Office has issued a rare Red Wheelie Bin Warning ahead of Storm Eunice, which is set to hit South Wales on Friday.

Experts have warned that wheelie bins could be blown over in the 100mph winds, and that all necessary steps to secure them should be made today.

Welsh weather expert Derek the Weathersheep told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s very rare for the Met Office to put out a warning like this and we are seriously concerned about the welfare of the nation’s wheelie bins. We urge everyone to take this warning seriously and to do everything that they can to secure their wheelie bins. We’ve seen in the past, images of wheelie bins strewn across the roads of Wales, and we don’t want to see that again.”

Storm Eunice is expected to reach South Wales on Friday with gusts reaching up to 100mph. Residents in South Wales have been told to stay indoors and get shit-faced to ride the storm out.

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