Prince Andrew pays out large amount of money for something he denies doing

Prince Andrew has paid an undisclosed but probably very large financial settlement for something he denies ever doing.

The Prince will have to hold off visiting Pizza Express for a few months while he recovers from settling the out-of-court payment.

A spokesman for the Prince told WalesOnCraic:

“The Prince strenuously denies any wrongdoing but has settled out-of-court so that his alleged victim will just go away. The Prince has borrowed money from his Mum but will still need to tighten his belt for a few months to pay for the settlement. Sadly, the Prince will not be able to visit Pizza Express for a few months now.”

The Prince continues to deny any wrongdoing in a court case that has been attracting attention all around the world. Even so, he’s paid out a very large sum of money to show his innocence.

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