Meghan Markle to start new job in Greggs

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is to start a new job in Greggs.

She starts training for her sales assistant role on Monday and her new career is a drive to becoming more financially independent.

A spokeswoman for the palace told WalesOnCraic:

“As announced yesterday, both Harry and Meghan have declared that they wish to step aside from becoming ‘senior royals’, and wish to explore new avenues of financial independence. We can now reveal that Meghan attended an interview at a local Greggs last week and was offered a sales assistant role (or should that be roll? Haw haw) a few days later. Harry is holding out for a position at a local KFC which means that they’ll have to drop Archie off Buckingham Palace every morning so that he’s looked after. Meghan’s first day’s training will be learning how to correctly identify steak bakes from their vegan counterparts, and similarly with the sausage rolls. That’s fairly easy with the sausage rolls because the vegan ones look a bit anaemic to me. But what do I know eh?”

Meghan is hoping to complete her training and collect her congratulatory hair-bun at the end of next week.

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