Harry and his missis spotted buying toilet roll in Kwik Save

Prince Harry and his missis have been spotted buying toilet roll in Kwik Save.

Harry and Meghan were spotted buying a double-barrel pack of arsewipes in a store near their new caravan in Trecco Bay. The couple have recently decided to try and become less royal and become more self-sufficient.

Eye-witness Rachel Widegussett told WalesOnCraic:

“I don’t normally come in on Fridays because my husband Des does a big shop on his day off on Thursdays but he’d forgotten to buy Dairylea Triangles so I’d said that I’d pop into Kwikky and get them. I loves a Dairylea I does. Anyway. I was stood in the queue and the old bidder who works there, who takes forever to do anything, was in a bit of a pickle because the label had come off a pack of parsnips that this fella was trying to buy. It was then that I noticed a tall ginger man, who I’d never seen around before but looked kind of familiar. Then I noticed his missis, who looked really pretty. They were looking pretty shifty but then I saw their photo on the front of Woman’s Realm and I put two and two together. I asked Harry and if was Harry and Harry said ‘Yes I’m Harry’. I noticed that he was holding a pack of toilet rolls under his arm – only a two-pack. I’m guessing they’re pretty skint like the rest of us. They’ll have to ration their sheets like me and Des do.”

The pair were later spotted trying to work out how to use the self-serving checkouts in a nearby Aldi.

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