McGregor and Mayweather asked to remove sunglasses before fight

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have been officially asked to remove their sunglasses before tonight’s showdown.

Both fighters have said that they were hoping that the other would be gentlemanly and not twat a man in the face wearing glasses.

Conor McGregor said:

“I’m going to smash his face in to be sure, to be sure. I’m the best boxer in the world and if I want to wear sunglasses on my beautiful face, then I will. I’m going to hit him so hard that he’ll think he’s in next week. I’m going to deck him within 5 seconds and if I don’t, I’ll deck him within ten minutes. I’ve actually run out of cliches now so I’ll have to think up some more.”

Safety official said that fighters wearing sunglasses was not permitted by law.

“There’s a law against this somewhere. I’m pretty sure of it,” said a safety official.

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