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ITV’s News At Ten’s theme tune shafted for four years

The theme tune to ITV’s News at Ten has been royally shafted for four years after Big Ben fell silent for repairs.

ITV bosses have said that they will replace the usual theme tune with the theme tune to Wish You Were Here?…, formerly presented by Judith Chalmers.

An ITV boss told WalesOnCraic:

“We usually get the bongs direct in from Big Ben at ten o’clock. Now that Ben’s fallen silent, our theme tune has totally gone to the shitter. We had a look at some of the other theme tunes that were available and we did like the one that Judith Chalmers used to have on her show, Wish You Were Here?… We’ve decided to go for that one, to keep things light-hearted, and to remind us of how fit Judith used to be. I always said to my wife, that whenever Judith came on telly, the world was a happier place. It’s not quite the same without her.”

Bosses for Big Ben said:

“I’m working. Stop bothering me.”

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